Guillermo completing spartan super race
Guillermo completing spartan super race
Guillermo Tello, BDM and Cancer Survivor
Let me start by saying when I attained Kimberly as my personal trainer, I was going through chemo-therapy, fighting cancer. She sat down with me to learn about my cancer and asked me very important questions to assure she would train me properly and not exhaust me as I was already tired with chemo. We placed both short term and long term goals. One being to run a 5k soon after chemo, and several months later, to run the 8 mile obstacle course known as the Spartan Race. I can say that we accomplished both goals thanks to her and her ability to motivate me every day!
Let me also say that Kimberly is very passionate about fitness and it showed through the energy and enthusiasm she brought to every session. Her easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. She makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! She also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. She motivated me to push past my perceived limits to get results. I attained incredible energy, my balance and flexibility have improved immensely and I've got great new muscles. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Kimberly will lead you every step of the way. Today, i still train hard and follow proper technique thanks to Kimberly! She will forever be in my heart as she played an immense role in me beating cancer!

Thank you Kimberly, you are the best!

Chicago Rush
Chicago Rush

Chicago Rush

Adrenaline Rush Dance Team


"Kim has been a great asset our dance team.  She has come into practice and works the girls hard in a supporting manner.  The girls are seeing the results of her pushing us and making us do things that we never thought we could do. She always makes the workout fun and makes you feel so accomplished once you are done.  We definitely are seeing the results we wanted out of our workouts with Kim!" - Coach Gloria Esposito


"I owe a lot to Kim, like not having to buy a new wardrobe! It didn't
take long for me to start seeing results from her workouts. I knew our
hardwork was paying off when I put on my work pants and they were baggy around the hips and waist! All of my clothes have been fitting better
and I no longer find myself wanting to wear baggy clothing to cover my
imperfections. Love you Kim!" - Corina Harwood


"While I (and the rest of the team) may complain the whole way, it's totally worth it. I love that when I flex my new ripped arms, I am met with 'oohhs and ahhs' from my friends and family. Thanks to you, I've said so long to spaghetti arms! You rock and are a great addition to our team!" - Michelle Marzullo


"I am subbing today and when I was trying to find what to wear this morning, 3 of my dress pants were too big on me! It's got to be all of those burpees. Thanks Kim!" - Cristy Langefield


"I've always been on the petite side and being a professional dancer i'm usually in pretty good shape, but I'm always looking to build muscle, especially in my arms. I'm the type of person that when I'm lifting weights, I tend to stop as soon as it hurts. Kim gives me all different kinds of exercises and pushes me when I want to stop. I started seeing results immediately. I can actually see my shoulder and bicep muscles in my pictures of me just standing with my arms down! The other night I also realized that I had a pair of jeans in my closet that I have NEVER worn because I bought them when they were a little too tight as motivation to tone up. I tried them on and now they are too big! Being a woman, Kim knows all the right areas to tone and bulk up for another woman. I'm also a vegetarian and between dancing and working out, Kim can tell me what I need to be eating so I don't get dizzy and stay healthy. HIGHLY recommend her!" - Courtney Kalble


"my butt defys gravity because of u!" - Ashley Calarie 


"My pants have also not been fitting on me which is awesome!  I always feel so much better about myself after our workouts and love the support and motivation you give to all of us!" - Nicole Cargola


"Bikini season usually sneeks up on me but this year I'm begging for it to get here! Thanks Kim!!!!" - Brittanie Matug


"Kim is a great professional trainer. She made me feel engaged and comfortable during the exercises but more importantly, she made them seem attainable. She is encouraging throughout the entire process and because of all this, you want to do better, be more fit, and feel great. If you are doing a position incorrectly, she will show you how to change it in order to optimize your work out. She gives amazing advice, not only the work out she is doing with you, but exercises to do at home, diet, and personal tips that she uses. I can't say enough about her as a trainer- but what does show are the results. I feel and look the best I ever have." - Andrea Gorecki


Maura O'Mahoney, Gary Lee Partners


I had started a good cardio regime and dropped some weight quick.  After about a month, I hit a plateau.   At that point, I started training with Kim twice a week.  I discovered instantly that I was not even close to being in shape.  She was great at working my core and strengthening my key muscles.   It was just what I needed to really start to get trim and strong without bulking up.  I dropped at least 2 sizes.  


I have continued with Kim for over a year.  And now I am pregnant and she has continued to guide me on the proper exercises that will help me thru my pregnancy, birth and recovery.   She has a cheerful, pleasant disposition that knows exactly how to get the right results! I would recommend her to anyone!

Flare Event Group
Flare Event Group

Brad Gertz, Flare Event Group
Kimberly & Future Prospect,

Moirai Health and Fitness is the next up and coming Personal Training business. Spending the time and money on Personal Training through Moirai is an investment in yourself. I had a great experience training with Kimberly Trefilek. With her being the owner of the business, I feel she truly reflects the business and what it stands for. If that is so, it is a great sign ...for Moirai’s Future.

I normally live out on the east coast but was able to come in to town and get three training sessions in. The first compliment I must give would be about Kim’s Scheduling Flexibility. She made it very easy to find time and change it if necessary to accommodate my hectic schedule. It gives a feeling of exclusivity and your not just another client in line.

There were several other great factors that stuck out to me. Kim did a very comprehensive consultation at the very beginning. It wasn’t just “what are your goals” or “How much do you want to lift”. She paid attention to what my goals were and told me how I would get there. She also took into consideration any health issues and made a workout that would fit my needs and restrictions. As stated before, I felt like it was a “PERSONAL” training session. It dealt with all my needs and was exactly what I was looking for.

During each workout, I was always asked if it was enough weight, which is great because giving the client a challenge is why I believe we go to trainers. I did workouts I have never seen or heard of. I am very familiar with most gyms, equipment, and overall physical fitness. Kim incorporated circuit training, which was what I needed to achieve my weight loss goal, but it also took care of my request to tone and build muscle at the same time. I was introduced to TRX Band workouts, medicine ball workouts, and one of my personal favorites the Foam Roll and Sledge Hammer and Tire. Besides the Medicine Ball, I was unfamiliar with the rest. The amount of knowledge Kim has with personal training is phenomenal.

The part of going above and beyond, was sharing the right diet for me to be on, and what to do to alter it specifically for me. It was also great that she was VERY easy to get a hold of. Face it things do happen so you want to always know you can reach your trainer at awkward times. Also the conversation during the training was great, she stayed focused and dedicated. I have seen other trainers who may tell you and possibly show you what to do, then walk away. She is very attentive and that is what really sticks out to me.

I will give my full recommendation that if you want to change your lifestyle, Moirai Fitness and Kimberly Trefilek , will be the right fit to get you there. It is a very worthy investment in yourself and your future. It is truly a one on one experience and probably the best training you will receive.

Thank you Kim and Moirai.

Ilsa Morales


Kim's passion for health and fitness exudes in her training style. She is a tough trainer and will push you to your limits... and then some.  I didn't exactly love doing burpees or mountain climbers, but I loved seeing results from my hard work. 


I no longer train with Kim as I've moved out of state, but I still reach out to her for motivation and advice.  


Kim, thank you for always being there for me.  You are truly an inspiration. 


Tony Bonifazi

Teacher, Elementary Education 


When I hired Kim as a personal trainer I didn’t know what to expect; mostly because I never had a personal trainer before.  Let me just say that she exceeded every expectation I had of her.  Right from the start we had a consultation and created goals for myself.  She created a personalized plan for myself that got me to where I needed to be.  It was easy to tell that she took her job very seriously, and she was there for me at all times during our sessions.  I have seen trainers that looked like they were just there for the hour of pay, and didn’t really care about anything else.  Kim was not one of those trainers.  She followed the same rules that she set out for me.  She modeled exercises for me so I knew what I was supposed to be doing.  She laid out her expectations for me when we were not in session.  She instilled a discipline in me that I was missing.  She was always flexible with session times, making sure that, no matter what, we got the sessions in that we needed.  Even after our sessions ended, she answered any questions that I had concerning fitness routines and products to use.  Always helpful, never demeaning, and always positive.  To this date, I have far exceeded any goals I set for myself only because of the discipline and pure excitement she showed in her work as my personal trainer.