Who says you can't surf in Chicago?! Join the most unique workout method to hit the windy city!  Surfset takes surfing style techniques and provides you with a fun total body workout that burns fat while building core strength and lean muscle for all ages and experience levels!

We offer one-on-one, buddy, small group, kids surf sessions and private surf events!


Surfset Pricing:

One-on-one Surfing: $100


Buddy Surfing (2 people): $55 per person


Small Group Surfing (3 people): $45 per person 

Party surfing (4+ people): $35 per person 

Private events: Contact for pricing. 

Chicago Surfset Community!

Surfset Review on ClassPass It On blog:

Thank you so much Lisa for your kind compliments and good review of my surfset fitness class for your Classpass it on blog! Check it out here -

Surfset Sessions Offered:

Available Sessions:

Surfset Blend Session:

Improve balance, core strength, flexibility, aerobic conditioning, anaerobic sprints, and lean muscle build with this circuit style small group class. Surfset blend is well-rounded workout while incorporating surfing techniques to keep you fit like a surfer!


Perfect for all fitness levels! 

Jr. Surfset camps:

Our kids program is designed to engage children & young teens in staying active. Using only bodyweight & light resistance bands, the classes will help kids get fit without joint injuries or high impact strength training. Surfing is one of the most fun activities out there, and we’ve brought it indoors for kids to enjoy.


Hire us to travel to your next corporate event, bachelor or bachelorette party, kids parties and more!

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Surfset Studio Location:

Hifi Fitness Studio

Parking is $5 for 2 hours.  Code required, request after booking.