3 More Unconventional Ways to Improve Your Vision

There is no doubt that it would be great to through away your glasses for good, and improve your vision using natural methods. Stop a minute and really think about it…..


No more costly eye exams or paying inflated prices for your glasses or other eye procedures. There are no more cases of lost glasses or struggling to read a menu or price tag. Really, life would be bliss! You can utilize things like the power of gamma brain waves or even mediation to improve your ocular health.


There are an estimated 150 million people who wear glasses in America alone, according to the Vision Council of America. Additionally, there are over 36 million contact lens wearers. With the cost of exams, and corrective products the Americans spend over $28 billion each year in order to improve their poor or diminishing vision.


Really? That is a ton of money when you really think about it! However, there is hope, and several unconventional ways that you can improve your vision and finally get back to an eyeglass free life.


Supplement Your Diet


You likely know that a well-balanced health diet can improve your health and well-being. However, it can also impact your eyesight. Some of the following foods, supplements and herbs can actually work to prevent eyesight problems, improve ones that exist, and in some cases work toward totally eradicating the condition. These items include:


·       Passion Flower: This will relax the small blood vessels that are located in your eyes which will reduce the stress that is in the muscles.

·       Ginkgo Biloba: this is a free-radical that can increase the flow of nutrients and blood to your retina.

·       Beta Carotene: this is an antioxidant that is found in dark green and orange-yellow fruits and vegetables. When consumed your body will convert it to Vitamin A, which is essential for the proper functioning of your eyes.


Consuming these foods, herbs and supplements regularly can improve a wide array of vision problems or issues that you may be suffering from.


Eye Exercises


Another unconventional method that can help you improve your vision is utilizing eye exercises. Your eyes are a muscle, therefore just as other muscles need exercise to be strong, so do your eyes. When they do not receive this exercise they can become weak. When you have a strong eye muscle it means you can improve your vision. There are many specially designed exercises that can actually reverse the deterioration and actually improve your vision and ability to see clearly.


When you actively use eye exercises you will strengthen and train your eye muscles by stimulating the muscles that are not usually used during regular everyday activities. There are many studies that have shown that the eye exercises can improve the following vision issues:


·       Aging Vision

·       Astigmatism

·       Farsightedness and Nearsightedness

·       Eyestrain






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