Why I quit the whole30 at day 24

I quit the whole30 and I feel the best i've ever felt. I NEVER quit at anything. I quit not because I couldn't do it, but because I refused to do it anymore. Let me explain. I am someone who is conscious of what goes in my body and I eat pretty healthy & clean on a regular basis.  I have a few indulgences in the week that make me quite happy, such as pizza, dark chocolate & gluten free pancakes from walker brothers. As my friend said I'm not one to live in a box. I knew the whole30 would be a challenge with always being on the go, working long days, hating to cook & loving food, especially convenient foods like oatmeal & protein shakes. However, I did it & to my surprise it wasn't that hard. I went 23 days without a cheat meal & following the guidelines perfectly. I decided to detox from coffee as well. The first 2 weeks were extremely hard on my body. I had no energy (no coffee), I was super tired & hungry and I was "detoxing" (aka going to the bathroom) all the time. It got so bad that I wasn't even absorbing any nutrients. After week two I felt better and did notice some positives. My skin was extremely clear and I realized it is possible to not experience any cravings. I loved it! But then, everything took a turn for the worse. My workouts were weak, my skin broke out worse than it ever has, my digestion issues got so bad that for the past few days I experienced the worst stomach & back pain & contractions I've ever felt in my life to where I couldn't sleep.  It was hard to work. I was not productive at all and napping every day.  My clients, friends & family say I look beat up & tired & that I haven't been my bubbly self. Instead I've been irritated and lethargic. I'm not sure what it was in the whole30 program that caused me to feel this way as I have eaten all of these foods before, but my body was not happy. So after learning to let go of my ego & stubbornness I decided I have to quit feeling this way. I really didn't want to, I had only one more week, but I couldn't imagine feeling in this much pain for one more week. I work a lot & have a lot of projects coming up & fitness goals I'm trying to accomplish. I can't accomplish ANYTHING feeling like this. The whole30 is meant to make you feel good and healthy and I felt the exact opposite. So after a breakdown of learning to let go of my ego, I'm finding balance again. I quit the whole30 and went back to Kim healthy! The day i quit, i did an experiment and maxed out at Portillos - burger, hot dog, fries, shake, you name it. The next day, I felt the best I felt in the past month!! I knew something wasn't right after that. After that experiment,  i'm now back to oatmeal, protein shakes, quinoa, dark chocolate, coffee occasionally & cheat meals when I feel like having a damn cheat meal. I'm an athlete and I need to fuel my body like one.  My body needs carbs and sugars and grains, but the healthy kind.  Whole30 did teach me a lot though. I learned that I am in control of my cravings and that I can eliminate them completely. It taught me that I can be creative when cooking. That I can give up coffee if I want to. It taught me that I'm in control & having a balanced lifestyle is important. What it taught me most is thta the most important thing is listening to my body.  It also backed up my belief that everyone's bodies are different and react differently to certain foods & ways of eating. I got rid of some bad habits, like putting creamer in my coffee (I can't believe i liek coffee black now!) and being mindful of sneaky sugars. I'm glad I did the whole30 because of what I learned.  I'm not saying you shouldn't try the whole30. It's a great experience. To those who have tried, succeeded & feel the way you're supposed to feel after the whole30, I'm proud of you, keep it up! As for me, suck it whole30. 

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    Diverchick (Saturday, 24 January 2015 16:26)

    OMG! Thank you for this post! I am currently on day 24, and other than the digestive issues, this is exactly how I feel! I don't want to quit, because that is not in my nature....like....EVER. So I am trying to decide whether
    I am going to just allow myself to have my freakin shake or not! I have experienced some positives...but nothing like they say you should. I lift heavy 3 days a week, Sprint once a week, box twice a week and run 2-4 times a week, plus play hockey once or twice and I referee hockey 3-5 times a week. My life is sports....and living without my protein shake has been the worst! I ate healthy before this anyway, so I only lost like 4-5 lbs and that is probably a lot of water. I think I need to go back to some balance here....protein after trg and the occasional glass of wine! Thanks! And yes......freakin' suck it whole 30!!!!!!!!

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    Chrissy (Monday, 08 June 2015 14:16)

    I'm glad I'm not the only one! I feel like this info needs to get out there- I have been a wreck this whole time and feeling like I'm depriving my body of things it genuinely needs! My friends are worried, telling me I look drained and upset instead of my normal self. I feel like I have the flu. I'm tired. This is NOT a healthy way for me to eat. Maybe it works for some, but I'm OVER it. My running has suffered. I went from running 2.5 miles with hardly a problem to struggling to complete a solid mile without walking. I'm going to finish (I have 9 days left) but I am going back to my old (very healthy) whole foods way of eating and feel like a human again.

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    Jen (Monday, 04 April 2016 20:18)

    OMG! I'm on day 16 and had almost the exact same thing happen. I "detoxed" and felt great for about 3 days. Now my hypoglycemia is the worst it's ever been. My workouts are terrible. I have a constant headache, and I look horrible. So glad you posted this. I thought I was crazy with everyone raving about the positive results.

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    AJ (Sunday, 10 April 2016 15:58)

    Yesterday was day 28 and today I quit! I'm done dragging myself around like a dead man walking. I had a reasonably healthy diet before so it can't be withdrawal symptoms. I think some humans just need starch!!
    Off now to make a big bowl of brown hair rice with soy sauce and cheese :-)

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    Lauren (Thursday, 21 April 2016 21:41)

    I got to day 20 and just couldn't even with this diet anymore. I went downstairs in my work's amazing food court, purchased a chicken and aioli bagette and felt amazing.

    I generally kept my diet 'whole' but this kind of restriction was over the top. I felt like crap and things just didn't feel right to me.

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    Lorrie (Friday, 22 April 2016 13:26)

    I am so glad I found this site. I have been on a modified Paleo diet for several years. And have felt the best I have felt in years. So I thought, hey I bet I could feel even better if I did The Whole30.. WRONG!!! I am on day 19 and haven't felt this bad since I can't remember when. I am grouchy, extremely tired and my brain is foggy. I am on the toilet about 5 times a day. ( if you know what I mean) I don't think I am getting any nutrients, I think they are just passing through me. I do Pilates 3 times a week and walk/run 5 times a week. This week I have done Pilates 2 times and walked once!!! I can't sleep and when I do fall asleep, I wake up a couple of hours later and can't go back to sleep. I feel bad because I am doing this with my husband and daughter and they are feeling great!!!One size does not fit all. Back to what I know works for me...

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    marly (Saturday, 23 April 2016 13:33)

    Thank you so much for this!! I did it last April and did ok. But tried again this year and just felt sick the entire time! I too need to eat more grains. I have Celiac disease so I am gluten free always, but the alternative grains I have to eat more of. Thank you. I was feeling like a failure, but your post encourages me.

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    marly (Saturday, 23 April 2016 13:37)

    I am adding that I did the whole 30 the first time and this time made it to day 24. The tiger blood never happened, I felt weak, very weak the whole time and nauseous much of it as well. I also did not lose any weight, and I do have a solid 10 lbs to lose. I guess my body has different needs.

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    annie (Monday, 02 May 2016 11:55)

    Thank you for this... I'm on day 29 today and decided to see if I could find anyone else who ended up feeling worse or if there's just something wrong with me! I felt good (despite some detox) for a while, but haven't had any amazing success and for the past couple weeks my digestive issues have been getting far worse. I know there's a lot of stress in the mix (some from the whole30 itself), but I've been wondering if I need to restrict myself more, because this is supposed to be working! I, too, have learned some good things, but it's so nice to hear some others' experiences to think that it might just be that this way of eating doesn't work so well for me, not that I'm doing something wrong... I'm going to finish out reintro (though I don't know how much I can learn with my gut so messed up as is...) because I've come this far, and my husband & kids are doing it too. But I'm going to then try to listen (and believe I can trust) my body. Thanks!

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    NursingMommy (Wednesday, 25 May 2016 16:34)

    Oh my goodness, I'm so glad to read this! I'm on day 16 and it's just been so rough. I felt great from about day 4-8, but it's been a struggle ever since. I'm a nursing mommy who wanted to try to control her hormones, but I've had to drink coconut milk shakes every day to have enough fat for my baby. I think my milk is fine, but I'm just tired all day! I, too, participate in vigorous exercise 5 times a week, and I've tried the starchy veggies and lean protein after the workout, but it doesn't work like my protein shake. Plus I feel like I'm constantly eating, to the point where I'm shoving chicken down my throat in hopes to feel strong again, but it doesn't seem to work at all.

    Shout out to the author, or anyone else, what health programs do you follow? Any thoughts for nursing athletes, hormones, etc?

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    Samantha (Tuesday, 31 May 2016 12:15)

    Thank you all. I'm on day 15. Feeling tired, hungry all the time and unhealthy. I'm outta here!

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    Diane (Saturday, 25 June 2016 19:56)

    Wow, you've all been writing my life! I just finished Whole30 plus an extra 7 days 'cause I thought it would make a difference. I've been healthy my whole life and just did the W30 to have a bit more energy. Right. I felt okay the first week then everything went downhill from there. I can't remember when I've felt so bad. Glad to hear I'm not alone. Suck it Whole30, indeed!

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    kimberly trefilek (Monday, 27 June 2016 14:06)

    Hey everyone!

    Thank you for all of the wonderful feedback on my post. I am glad that my blog has helped some of you make the right decision for you regarding the whole30. If any of you have any questions about eating a well-balanced diet that's best for you feel free to message me on my site. Be well!

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    Leslie (Thursday, 14 July 2016 12:58)

    This post really helped me feel not so alone. I'm doing the Whole30 with my husband and I'm on Day 18. He's feeling "the tiger blood" and I'm feeling the opposite. I haven't had a single cheat this entire time, and this week I am feeling SO irritable, so tired and have no energy at all. If I see another piece of meat or potato, I might scream. I am feeling guilty about quitting, too, and I keep thinking, well maybe it will get better. But, if it doesn't, and I spend another 12 days feeling like this (b/c I'm too proud), then I only have myself to blame and can't take it out on everyone else like I have this week. Pretty sure I'm going to quit ... Whole30 can totally suck it.

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    Jen (Thursday, 21 July 2016 14:46)

    I know this is an old post, but I was searching "Whole30" and "extreme fatigue" and this thread popped up. And I am SO grateful it did! I had a horrible pre-whole30 diet and thought this way of eating would help me build a better relationship with food...and it has, but I have never been so tired, fatigued, grouchy, exhausted, un-able to sleep in my life! It has been the most miserable 18 days EVER! I want to try to finish it out (because I hate to quit anything) but am considering adding a few "non-compliant" healthy foods to help me get there. Thank you all for your input! It has helped me feel like quitting isn't the worse thing!

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    Jenn (Tuesday, 26 July 2016 09:45)

    THANK YOU!! I feel so much better reading these posts...I am on day 22 and feeling weak, foggy and lethargic. I've been trying to push through and make it to day 30 because, like so many of you, I wanted to complete what I started! However, my workouts are suffering, my runs are slower than ever and I just fall into bed at night. After reading this and learning I'm not alone, I think I'm going to return to the diet I followed on the P90X plan, which allowed for one serving of carbs and was far less restrictive - yet my results were ASTOUNDING! This whole30 has shown me just where my problem areas are, my habits that needed to be eliminated were eliminated, and I learned that I was sensitive to many foods I was not aware of prior to whole30! I am grateful for that and for the overall cleansing of my body I think happened in the last 22 days...but bring on a more normal diet, I need my energy back!!!! THANK YOU again for your input!!

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    Neil (Friday, 12 August 2016 09:17)

    So glad to find this. I'm on Day 26, and about all I can say is that I think I lost a little weight, and have less gas than I did before starting. But meanwhile, I have even less energy than ever, and I'm puffing to walk up the stairs to bed. Meals bring me no pleasure anymore, and yet I'm spending twice the time and money preparing them. This blows!

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    TrustingMyBody (Friday, 26 August 2016 23:23)

    So happy I found this thread!!!! I'm on the Whole 30 and the will power is not the biggest issue like I thought. I've lost some weight but the digestive issues suck!! I too like so many above am an athlete and I ate healthy before this I just wanted to lose some more body fat. But this is not for me!! I may give up dairy but my tummy needs the grains that I know!! I'm going to follow my body and make the necessary modifications. Thank you all for your posts, I don't think whole 30 is the answer for athletic people who didn't eat processed foods to begin with. I may just need to taper my portions and find out if I'm sensitive to dairy, and lmao at "if I see another piece of meat and potato. . . " #Agreed !!! :) much love to everyone!! GOD bless

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    Donezo! (Monday, 29 August 2016 09:41)

    Yes, thank you for this post! I'm day 29 and feeling awful. Waiting to be done tomorrow. It's weird I'm not craving ice cream and cake, but healthy sprouted grain bread and plain whole fat Greek yogurt with honey and berries. I can say I tried whole30 and completed it. But man...it's just not for me and I'm glad others feel the same!

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    Kaitlyn (Friday, 16 September 2016 13:24)

    Did you all feel better right away when you reintroduced your normal foods? Or did it take some time to recalibrate? I'm also so glad I found this. I've been miserable for a week, so fatigued the doctor thinks I have. Viral infection but I suspect it's all diet related. Misery!

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    Rebecca (Tuesday, 27 September 2016 11:46)

    I'm on day 16 and really don't want to quit, but I do if you know what I mean. My stomach and back has been hurting for about a week now. I have to take enzyme pills before each meal. I was having a fruit shake in the mornings however I've discovered fruit makes my tummy hurt very badly. So I've stopped eating fruit except for bananas and grapes. Even with the enzyme pills my stomach would hurt. In addition to that meat now kills me too. I find it odd that this diet requires me to take digestive enzymes. I've also experienced a rash up my arm and on the roof of my mouth. My back aches constantly and I generally feel like crap. I do exercise about 5-6 days a week for an hour and I've maintained that. When I go to the whole30 site to read what others experience and what the moderators have to say about their issues I am very discouraged. They never suggest that maybe this is not a diet for some people. Where the heck is the Tigers Blood I was promised!? I feel like a slug with the flu. And if I have to eat another piece of sausage I'm going to vomit! Trying to hang in there, so appreciative others are experiencing what I am. Thanks for the post!

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    Jack (Wednesday, 28 September 2016 08:36)

    So you are so in tune with your body, you are able to tell when you aren't "absorbing nutrients"? There could have been a hundred things that could have caused these syptoms....and sometimes there are deeper detox symptoms that come on later in the program which is exactly why it's called Whole 30 and not Whole 23...to blame it on Whole 30 like you have is presumptuous and to say that ANY human body benefits from chemical rich- processed crap food is like saying "I felt amazing when I went back to smoking crack, so it must be what my body was craving!"

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    Jamie (Thursday, 06 October 2016 19:15)

    I completed the Whole30, and felt relatively good except for being weak the whole entire time! I could not do my regular workouts - only yoga a handful of times during the 30 days. I am in the re-introduction phase and anything non-compliant so far, other than white rice seems to go right through me. Not sure what to do as I still feel weak and unable to workout, but adding grains, dairy and legumes so far has not been the answer either.

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    Kitty (Tuesday, 11 October 2016 13:48)

    Day 30 - only 7 hours left till bedtime. My chronic pain is worse, I'm starving, I can't sleep more than 2.5 hours in a row, I'm sad, I'm mad and I cannot WAIT for tomorrow!!!! I will say the ankle/foot swelling is gone and I'm sure I lost more than a few pounds. But at what cost? I hate everyone and their lunches out while I sit in my office with eggs and sweet potatoes. Again. Glad I'm finishing because I made the commitment but never again!!

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    Bonnie (Friday, 21 October 2016 14:47)

    Thank heavens for this post! I finished Whole30 2 weeks ago after years of eating mostly Paleo, interspersed with sugar binges every now and then. And of course Sushi! I felt great for the first 2 weeks and then I crashed. My digestion was the worst ever - terrible gas and burping. It kept me awake at night. I stopped going to the gym, which I love, because I didn't have the energy. I didn't find it that much of a challenge to do the program because I found lots of good recipes and have the time to cook. I've probably never had tastier food. But I felt so tired and weak. I just went for food testing and found out I react to beef, pork and lamb, all of which I was eating regularly on Whole30. On Paleo I ate mostly fish and chicken because I didn't feel the same need for variety. I also don't do well with lots of veggies, especially raw and greens. I didn't lose an ounce on the program, although my weight is fine. But I wanted Food Freedom from sugar and the whole restriction thing set me up for a huge binge when I had my birthday 10 days after finishing. I am now trying to follow the guidelines for Ayurvedic medicine with lots more carbs and cooked veggies. My digestion has improved a fair bit but I still have no energy. No more restrictive food plans for me. I am happy for the people who got Tiger's Blood on Whole30 but I got Snail's Blood and it didn't feel that great!

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    Tiffany (Thursday, 27 October 2016 09:46)

    I just finished the Whole30 and am now on day 4 of food reintroduction. I am exhausted! However, my body feels clean and healthy but I do wonder if I am deficient in anything because of the exhaustion which makes me have a short temper. I am feeling like I need whole grain and probably more veggies as always. My husband and I did this together and I am very happy we did. I did not feel well most of the first week; I felt sick to my stomach with in 2 hours of eating eggs for breakfast so I stopped eating them and felt amazingly better. I have found I am egg intolerant. I also can't eat pork belly. Without doing Whole30 I don't think I would have recognized this. So far I have added sugar and milk back into my diet with no side effects but the milk and sugar is mainly in my morning coffee. I think adding whole grains in soon is a must for me because of the exhaustion. All in all I am glad I did this detox I think my body needed it even if it was hard and I am exhausted. I feel more in tune with it when it comes to being full and what it truly wants to fuel it. I highly recommend sticking with it unless you doctor advises you to stop. Pay attention to your bodies and what your body is truly needing everyone is different.

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    BJ (Monday, 09 January 2017 13:06)

    I am just finishing my 1st week of Whole 30. I think this is Day 7 and I am exhausted. I am sleeping well, and getting more than enough sleep. I am on a mission to lose weight, but I am going to have to make some adjustments. I have to work and I'm sitting here wanting to take a nap. After reading these posts, it's good to know that I'm not the only one exhausted after being on the Whole 30. Thanks.

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    mike (Monday, 23 January 2017 20:10)

    Ditto for me. On day 9 and I feel drained of energy, with a mouth full of canker sores, and irritable. I need high energy for work (patient care) and cannot keep this up. I've decided to carry forward a "modified Whole30" which includes modest amounts of whole-grain bread or grains (eg: 1-2 slices of Dave's bread or a handful of triscuts per day) as well as a small portion of nonfat plain yogurt with berries daily. I'm otherwise stoked, as I haven't eaten this many vegetables or this clean of meats in my life. I was also a dessert hound, and now I'm able to walk right by treats. But what I'm experiencing is beyond dessert withdrawl. Best to everyone! Mike

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    Jo (Tuesday, 31 January 2017 21:04)

    Loving this! I just completed Day 30 and am trying to convince myself to follow the reintroduction schedule (Fast track) and not skip straight to healthy grains and dairy. I'm a health & fitness coach and my workouts are intense. I work a lot! I don't like meat! I'm a shake lover. Dairy is protein for me! I had no reason to believe I had any problems with the healthy foods i was eating heading in to this...but I wanted to support a group of individuals who DID. I feel SO WEAK I had to drop 10lbs in weights for plain old simple bicep curls (just one example). I have only kept at it because, like you said...I don't quit. Good to know I'm not the only one who felt worse. I didn't really have any pain or digestive problems (I think I have a pretty iron stomach...not much upsets me). BUT I'm more sore than I should be, I'm EXHAUSTED, cranky, and weak! I'm eating plenty of calories, and it's well balanced. I'm not enjoying most of it...but I'm eating right. I am just fairly certain my body does better on healthy grains & dairy! That said, teh people doing this with me, many have had FANTASTIC results with weight loss and feeling fantatstic!

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    Meg (Monday, 27 February 2017 13:38)

    I am so glad to read this! I did whole30 hoping it would help with my severe reflux. Well I am on day 21 and feel sick all the time. It seems to get worse as each day passes. Some days I just want to vomit for hours. I though that it must be something I was eating so I cut eggs out. Next I was going to cut nightshade out. I am just glad to not feel alone!

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    MomGreen (Thursday, 02 March 2017 14:52)

    So thankful to have found this post and comments! A friend bought the "It Starts With Food" book for me and I'm only on Day 5, but I've had it. I can't sleep due to terrible hot flashes, have no energy, feel hungry ALL the time. I totally eat "clean' and 'whole' anyhow. I've always struggled with low carb, ending up with depression and total loss of interest in eating. I will say that even in 5 days, I observe that my body is appreciating the extra proteins, but otherwise, I'm feeling pretty lousy and discouraged.

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    Brad (Saturday, 11 March 2017 18:31)

    My wife and I started this about three weeks ago. I felt sort of "ugh" most of the time (headaches, unfocused); my wife felt very "UGH" most of the time (lots of digestive issues, no energy, etc.). After reading the comments here we gave ourselves permission to stop. Thanks everyone!

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    Buster (Sunday, 12 March 2017 16:38)

    @Jack... don't be an asshole. NO one is saying go back to processed food on this thread. They're saying they feel better on a more balanced diet that includes some healthy grains and dairy. I'm on day 26 and feel blah but I'm sticking it out. However, I've never once pretended it's anything more than pseudo-science and the positive results are attributed from cutting out all processed food and sugars.

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    OHWholeNo (Wednesday, 15 March 2017 11:16)

    On day 30. That's about as positive as it gets. I am not like most of you - healthy eater, super workout person. However, I did a whole30 three years ago, and the results were about the same. I am exhausted and have no energy to talk to or deal with people. I am cranky, sad and emotional and have constant gas/bloating. All of these things were supposed to improve with whole30, right? Some things to note: I don’t like sweet potatoes, squash, zucchini, peppers, asparagus, or really cooked vegetables in general, sans potatoes. I don't like olives, avocado, coconut oil, pumpkin, cinnamon and so on. Most of the previously mentioned are often found in whole30 approved recipes or suggestions to replace something you don’t like. Not helpful to me at all. So, I know I am not getting the vegetable intake that I should be. I pretty much ate raw carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli and salad. I don't drink coffee, I only have water - so boring. I don't eat much fruit. A banana - half of one, or an apple a day. First round of whole30 I tried everything and since then I try to periodically try a food that I don't like to see if my tastes have changed. I tried all of the "best" whole30 recipes. The only thing I did like was that my husband made mayo and I would use that to make a salad dressing. That stuff is awesome. First whole30: I actually experienced the “carb flu” – YIKES! I made myself eat roasted vegetables, force fed myself, and literally threw up. So, coconut oil - taste or smell of it doesn’t settle with me. I changed to using olive oil and avocado oil. Vegetables were tolerable but felt like punishment. Didn’t once slip up. I had never eaten so many eggs before. But, I could deal with that. I usually had hard boiled eggs because of convenience. I was eating nuts, too many even if I was using it as my fat intake, so I quit that after about three weeks. I ate chicken, pork and beef. Sometimes I would make tuna salad with homemade mayo, chopped up brussel sprouts and other shredded vegetables (bought in produce section – contained broccoli, kale, carrots, etc.). Lunch and dinner would either be a big salad with chicken – grilled or baked – homemade dressing, cucumbers and tomatoes or a piece of chicken, pork or beef, broccoli and side salad. Second whole30: I began this one sick too – but I don’t think it was “carb flu” but a virus – everyone around here has been sick all winter. Thought after I recovered from that I would get over the tired stage and start to feel better. I really don’t. Constantly tired, impatient, don’t want to deal with people, grumpy and I have not stop gas and bloating. I didn’t eat near the number of salads as I did last time, therefore my vegetable intake is less. I’ve had broccoli, tomatoes, and “fried potatoes and onions”. I eat two, or three if I know it lunch will be later in the day, fried eggs for breakfast – using olive oil and salt and pepper. I was eating "fried potatoes and onions" with my eggs for a couple of weeks, but felt like I was starting a habit, so I haven't been eating those. I even made these pork/beef meatballs with homemade marinara sauce. I couldn’t even bring myself to try them – my husband said there were amazing and ate all of them. Found this strange because I love tomato sauce (on or with pasta – so maybe that is why I didn’t feel like eating it – no pasta). I did make a killer vegetable beef soup – not really soupy so that meant lots of vegetables. I also tried to make these buffalo chicken meatballs – using some almond flour. Wow, they did not turn out like I thought. The texture was very strange!! I ended up eating them because I just couldn’t think of anything else to make. Once I got over the texture the taste wasn’t too bad. I bought some whole30 compliant ranch dressing and dipped them in that. That ranch definitely is not the kind most people eat. I was going to try to make “dump ranch” but can’t bring myself to use coconut milk. Again, same as last time, I didn’t slip us once. Like I said, I feel extremely tired ALL of the time. I have no energy. I go to work, come home, let my dog out and eat. Then it is off to bed. I don't sleep but I have no energy to talk to or deal with people, clothes still fit the same. It's frustrating, TIGER BLOOD WHAT? Not even close to experiencing anything like that. People that love all of the new recipes? All I see is an ingredient list of things I don't like. Note: first round of whole30 I tried everything and since then I try to periodically try a food that I don't like to see if my tastes have changed. I tried all of the "best" whole30 recipes; a definite no to chocolate chili – must be the cinnamon. I don't really crave anything - except pizza, because who doesn't love pizza?! I just cannot believe how blah I feel. I had planned to exercise this time but I barely have enough energy to go to work, go home, eat and let my dog out before calling it a day – even before the sun is close to setting. WHAT GIVES?

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  • #36

    TB whole30 Day 20 (Thursday, 20 April 2017 08:32)

    As someone in the health industry I see 75% of all my patients being obese. I decided to try whole30 to get off all the sugar & sweets that are constantly around at work, to stop having headaches & sinusitis & achy joints... I'm not overweight, I have weighed pretty much the same I have for my whole life. I can eat anything in moderation & exercise 3 times a week. What whole30 has done for me so far has gotten me off sugar. I can drink coffee black or with almond milk although that has been the hardest thing for me... I feel compelled to say this whole30 was a means to eliminate all the pro-inflammatory foods that are reaking havoc in the American population. I see it every day, people come to the hospital to have their stomach scoped & want a pill or surgery to solve their indigestion, diabetes, or failing joints. We need to all be more conscientious of what we're doing to our body & if any one out there doesn't think food is 90% the cause of every reason you feel awful them come work with me for a week.... High blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, sleep apnea, mood swings, people today are more addicted to food than any other drug. If most of the people on this blog have already been eating healthy like I have & feel worse then take what you good you from the program & hopefully you will know what your body needs to be at its peak performance. I think the whole point of this Whole30 is to "re-set" our cells to not be in a constant inflammatory phase & by eliminating all that WHOLE30 Suggests they do just that.... then after your cells are set back to normal you slowly introduce what you feel like you can't live without, see how your body responds & then decide if you feel better or worse. I don't think this means that you can't EVER have grains, sugars etc...just for 30 days.... my daughter and I are both on Day 20 & feel good.... haven't gotten "Tiger Blood" yet but that may because I get up everyday at 4:30 & don't always get enough sleep. Americans definitely an emotional connection we all feel towards food so if you can take anything away from this is to stop & think before eating anything "is this good for my cells" "is this good for my brain" is this good for my joints" or is it doing absolutely nothing to sustain & improve my life.... Good food can heal you from so many self-inflicted diseases.... the goal of each of us should be to figure out how to honor our bodies to be its best...be healthy, be balanced & be well �

  • #37

    Teetime9 (Saturday, 29 April 2017 05:12)

    I just finished and am in the first few days of reintroducing phase. I too have felt very tired, weak, lightheaded at times, nauseous, and cranky the last two weeks of the process. Never felt the "Tiger Blood". But, I too like most of you eat healthy and work out, however due to being so tired, I have skipped a few workouts this week which I hate. But, I did learn to really pay attention to what I am eating. My first reintro has been dairy. Love me some cheese!!! However, it has not agreed with me:( So, what I am taking from the program is that I can have dairy if it's "worth it", but understand the consequences afterwards. Therefore, I will only have it on occasion. I will finish the other reintroductions as it is interesting to learn what my body can handle and what it does not. Would i recommend it for all, not so sure. Will I do it again, no!

  • #38

    Write Cheap Essay Online (Tuesday, 02 May 2017 08:26)

    Your body has no choice but to follow your brain. So, you should feed your brain a steady diet of good information if you want to be all you can be. It's YOUR body and it has to last a lifetime so it's worth the investment. Don't ask questions of random strangers with no credibility in this or other online forums.

  • #39

    All for whole30 (Thursday, 18 May 2017 08:04)

    I love whole30. Now three weeks and feeling great. I have skin issues and I can see improvement. Lost 8 pounds and loving life and whole30.

  • #40

    Ken (Friday, 26 May 2017 06:55)

    It is so nice information you have provided here. Thanks

  • #41

    Captain Leather Coat (Friday, 26 May 2017 06:57)

    Thanks for sharing health and fitness. It is really good one which provide enough information to explore about given it.

  • #42

    Erin (Friday, 26 May 2017 14:02)

    Feeling relieved to see that I'm not alone. Twice I've done the whole30 and both times ended up in so much pain and so dehydrated that I've needed IV fluids. I have celiac and so I never do gluten anyway. My Dr said that it's not super uncommon to have negative reactions, beyond a normal detox. For me the sheer volume of food at once irritates my body. I went back the second time because whole30 does indeed drop the pounds and clear the skin for me.

  • #43

    Cassie (Friday, 23 June 2017 11:49)

    I'm a week into this whole 30 thing, and seriously considering quitting. Not because it's hard, it's really not, it just requires more meal prep. I'm feeling like quitting because I feel like the pros/cons of doing the whole 30 for a month while my workouts suffer drastically is putting me behind on my weight loss goals. I am usually very active, but put on a little weight and stopped hitting the gym over a few month period, which was my reason for trying this diet in the first place. I generally eat pretty healthy, I know how to eat healthy, and my usual high fiber/ high protein, good decisions and smaller portions way of eating still allowed me to get the most out of my workouts if I ate right. After a week on this whole 30 diet I have to drag myself to the gym to half heartedly jog maybe 1/2 mile and manage to get a couples of reps in with weenie little 5lb weights :( I don't want to feel like a quitter but damn, how in the hell am I going to get fit again if I can't workout! It's only been getting worse everyday since day 2 or 3. Anybody have some advice?

  • #44

    Sharin (Monday, 26 June 2017 19:18)

    I'm at the end of day 21, no tiger blood, only extreme fatigue. Cannot enjoy salads and raw vegetables like I normally do because I usually have a small amount of ranch or bleu. I am stubborn so will keep on this week and reassess on Friday. I am not craving anything which is quite odd. I just hate to even think of meat or eggs anymore but have to eat them for some energy. I look forward to bedtime also, to be out of this misery. Post #34 is me! I really do eat high protein, low carb anyway but when I want to have a piece of cake I want to eat it too!

  • #45

    chris (Wednesday, 05 July 2017 19:15)

    All of you are detoxing from years of crap. Candidly, some of you need Whole 90. It is not easy to do Whole 30. It is well worth it.

  • #46

    Robert (Saturday, 08 July 2017 11:23)

    You also have to substitute can't just take away fully duh it takes more then 30 days for true cleansing and the body can never be 110% perfect it's all a trend do to media

  • #47

    Day 29 and counting (Monday, 14 August 2017 21:34)

    Thanks for posting...just about to finish up. I feel way worse than I did before and have been wondering if it is because I ate fairly healthy before. Something has bottomed out in my body and I have no energy. So I may have made it to Day 30 but not because I've done it happily. Wish I was one of the stories that everyone talks about feeling great.

  • #48

    Karen (Wednesday, 18 October 2017 13:11)

    Thank you for your post. I stopped on day 20. My goal was to stop random snacking, cut out sugar, and be more mindful of what and when I ate. The biggest insight for me was that I could do 20 days of a 30 day program, stop when I needed to, and be fine with that. No guilt! Just because somebody wrote a book and said it’s 30 days or even because it worked for some other people, doesn’t mean it works for me. And being OK with that is a huge accomplishment.

  • #49

    Lisa (Friday, 20 October 2017 16:54)

    Day #20 and I am a total space cadet and tired as hell and have been. I'm pretty much the same as everyone else on this blog. I've always eaten healthy and am extremely active. I wanted to rid myself of the sugar cravings and Whole 30 has done that as well as I am eating more vegetables. I'm going to stick it out because I am stubborn as well and I figure I can do another 10 days but I don't think this is for everyone and I am so glad that this website exists so that I don't think it's just me.

  • #50

    Sarah (Tuesday, 21 November 2017 19:53)

    If you are feeling worse as you go on you need to look into Candida, yeast overgrowth in your intestines that you are starving on the Whole30. Literally a sugar monster.

    A lot of the things you mentioned, as well as in the comments, points to Candida overgrowth die-off which sucks but it’s better for your body in the long run if you clear out the overgrowth!

    Your gut health effects the rest of you including when you’re starving the Yeast Beast which is why your body was probably “happy” when you gave it a lot of crap. You settled that monster down for a good nap but beware. That stuff hides in fat cells, causes many health issues down the road (or now like allergies, hangry feelings, anxiety, depression, I could go on).

    If anything I hope you understand the Candida overgrowth effect on your body and how starving it on the Whole30 means you have a bigger problem then you realized and you can’t even see it.

  • #51

    Whollyconfused (Monday, 01 January 2018 08:15)

    I decided to do Whole 30 with hopes that I would have better energy and just feel good. I also cut out caffeine and with no surprise suffered headaches the first few days. I am making sure I am fully hydrated which helps prevent headaches; however, I am suffering from extreme nausea and now diarrhea. This doesn’t seem good to me. I haven’t been able to eat much for the last couple of days and am wondering if this will go away or should I add some other whole grains back. I miss oats and Ezekiel bread. I agree that this approach is misguided and I should have done a little more research before starting. I do not think you should feel like crap for 30 days, maybe a few only. I also have read that adding a lot of fats in your diet at once can cause stomach upset too. I previously ate a high fiber diet with various veggies so it’s not that. So frustrated!!

  • #52

    Brandi (Tuesday, 16 January 2018 21:27)

    I am on day 18 and I am struggling! I too workout a lot, I run 4 times a week (average 15 miles)and do weights normally 4-5 times a week, plus other cardio, and I’m flat out exhausted, I’m hungry, and I’m 99% sure I’ve gained weight. I had to up my carbs because I was barely functioning and found myself randomly weeping over absolutely nothing. I plan on finishing it, but not sure I’ll do it again. We already also ate pretty Paleo, I just like my coffee with half & half, and my glass of wine. Other than that I eat very healthy, I just wanted to show myself I could be disciplined too.

  • #53

    Robin (Thursday, 18 January 2018 18:35)

    I’m on week 2 and while I feel GREAT I’m having digestive issues that didn’t occur the first time I did this. I also have noticeably worse breakouts. I’m going to continue and maybe do 90 days but I hope the digestive issues stop.

  • #54

    Sara (Wednesday, 24 January 2018 17:49)

    I am on day 24 and feel like total shite! Headaches, lower back aches, extreme fatigue, diarrhea etc etc. I am soo cloudy all day I can barely work. This is my third W30 and by far the worst one ever. I totally get the diet but I think the hard reset of my gut (again) is not good. I ate super clean, mainly plant based, very little sugar, all last year and felt great. The diarehha is very concerning because you can pitentially flush good bacteria and minerals. I think they should be warning people that this diet can kill Candida, as during any type of Candida cleanse various supplements should be taken to help with die-off. Also the gut is an ecosystem, your gut flourishes by eating a constant diet of similar foods. For example, a rainforest has certain flora and fauna, you would not transplant of bunch of redwoods there and expect that forest not to be alterred in some detrimental way. Same with the gut; for me the introduction of so many different meats (especially Pork, parasite central!) is not good I suspect and I am ending it tonight and NEVER looking back. This diet is great for junk food eaters but wayy too much for people with a clean balanced diet. It will probably take a week to get back to normal.
    And remember if the diet is hurting you and you cannot function, call it! Regardless of what they say about Cancer being hard, it's not W30 its you, or whatever other bs they throw out, If you cannot function at a normal level to even work, or do normal activity, stop it, cause that biznatch aint paying your bills nor taking care of your kids! You are managing your life and you need to feel good. Good Luck everyone! Im off to eat a grain bowl found in Tom Bradys new book. He def does not follow W30 and he is killing it!!!

  • #55

    Kinz (Wednesday, 14 February 2018 05:10)

    What a relief to hear! I’m sick of being told I’m just ‘doing it wrong’ the two experts I’m doing it with are baffled as they feel better and better and I feel worse and worse. I look horrible, feel horrible, no energy, and have become very depressed which I’ve never experienced before. It is horrible! I’ve lost ten pounds in two weeks and if anything I need to gain ten pounds I feel so weak. And they complained so much that I weighed myself well if my clothes are falling off I’m going to be worried! I am so sick of the stupid rules ugh first and last diet of my life

  • #56

    Jenn (Wednesday, 14 February 2018 12:35)

    I am on day 17 and just found this article via google because I feel pretty horrible. I have been debating whether i am sick, or whether it is from the diet. I felt really good the first week, my stomach was much less bloated than normal and I had a lot of energy. However, weeks 2 and 3 I have felt horrible, I have horrible sinus congestion and pressure (which I was hoping would get better with the whole 30), extreme fatigue and can't workout the way I was before. I ate pretty healthy before and worked out 3-5 days a week (mostly running) pre whole 30 and now I just don't have the energy. My bloating is back too since the first week. I am debating if going for another 13 days is right for me or not.

  • #57

    Heather (Wednesday, 14 February 2018 19:08)

    Day 22 and I have no energy and feel like I’m in a fog. I’m a healthy eater too and felt energized the first week, normal the second week-noticed a change in my skin but the third week brought tiredness and 0 enthusiasm for anything. Tomorrow I’m going back to my Eziekial bread for breakfast! Thank u so much for sharing. I really feel better about not following this through for the full 30 days.

  • #58

    Louann Ranne (Tuesday, 17 April 2018 11:51)

    Today was s R1D8. Woke up at 3 am w stomach pain. Then vomiting and diarrhea! Still not feeling well today. Don’t mean to be gross but my apple w nut butter came up. Had two lamb chops for dinner w veggies and half sweet potato. Feel tired too.�

  • #59

    Anitra (Friday, 04 May 2018 16:53)

    I’m a bit confused.. Initialy, I was relieved to not be the only one suffering; however, after reading the post about what Candida overgrowth can do to you, I feel afraid. Also, if the healthy athletes in this thread were not eating much sugar, how could they have Candida overgrowth? Just wondering...

  • #60

    Catherine (Sunday, 13 May 2018 13:17)

    Day 28, stopping today. Yes, it’s definitely been a challenge staying consistently compliant, but the main reason is sleep. I’ve become a sleep deprived zombie on the Whole30- I wake up at 1 or 2 am with a racing heart, and can’t fall back asleep-can no longer survive on such little sleep (I teach teenagers all day-impossible task with no sleep!) - I did not expect this, and am so disappointed . . .

  • #61

    [url=https://www.essayxabites.co.uk/]Law Essay Writing Services[/url] (Wednesday, 16 May 2018 07:41)

    ’ve become a sleep deprived zombie on the Whole30- I wake up at 1 or 2 am with a racing heart, and can’t fall back asleep-can no longer survive on such little sleep

  • #62

    Samantha (Saturday, 28 July 2018 15:08)

    I am relieved that I’m not the only one who isn’t having amazing results. My boss did Whole 30 a couple months ago and she lost weight, her skin looked better, and she had way more energy! So when my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to do it with him, I was excited to try it out. Especially because it meant he had to stop smoking (I can’t stand cigarettes). He has more energy and he looks and feels better. I just want a chocolate croissant. All. The. Time. I don’t miss the alcohol, I don’t even miss the cheese as much as I thought I would, but I would kill for a baguette. I felt good for the first week maybe. But day 11 I was hot and sweaty and felt like I was going to cry for no apparent reason. I ended up calling in sick and crying on a lawn chair in front of the air conditioner. It was miserable. Now I’m on day 20 and I still feel tired and weak all the time and I don’t want to quit but I feel like I can’t take it anymore. My diet before was pretty healthy before and I’m wondering if my body just needs to have some damn bread. I’m glad that I’m not the only one!

  • #63

    cathy (Monday, 30 July 2018 10:16)

    yay - it's not just me! I posted on the whole30 forum, but I could already see that the moderators shoot you down if you mention that maybe it is the whole30 program doing this to you. I did nt feel bad until day 29. I wish someone had the exact why this is happening to so many people. I just do not believe that it is becuase I am not eating enough, or i am eating too many sweet potaotes - I;'ve been eating them all this month. I made it through the whole30 but not the reintro duction pahse becuase the whole30 meals did not relieve the stomach pain. I ate chips cheese and salsa and felt better. Ate whole30 meal last night and this morning and the pain is right back.

  • #64

    Helen (Saturday, 04 August 2018 22:20)

    Holy cow, I’m sorry to hear everyone on this thread is suffering and not getting miracle results, but so glad I’m not crazy. Day 27 here, day 5 of sheer fatigue and crying.

    I definitely have learned a lot about myself on the W30, I was stuffing candy in my face all the time without thinking. I quit drinking coffee because apparently I like creamer, don’t have to take Prilosec anymore, don’t need Valerian Root for sleep. Learned to whip up meals even though I still don’t like cooking, or dishes.

    I have been GF for years, but I think I will reintroduce cheese. I miss cheese. I think I will finish the 30 days even though I feel like crap, but feel reassured I’m not crazy I’m so fatiged and I’m sure it’s this diet.

    Thank you all for sharing!

  • #65

    Link (Thursday, 30 August 2018 10:20)

    As long as your motivated you can achive anything such as your weight problem.

  • #66

    Mickey Mcginnes (Friday, 31 August 2018 01:28)

    is that a joke i cant really tell. did u really quit smoking if so good for you, if not keep the jokes commin. https://www.celebsleatherjackets.com/596/sons-of-anarchy-jax-teller-vest.html

  • #67

    Lucile Keough (Sunday, 04 November 2018 19:42)

    So glad I’m not alone. I too normally have a pretty healthy diet. I wanted to give this a try to figure out what’s causing my inflammation, which shows up in roaming arthritis. I’m on day 21 and have seen no impressive improvements. It’s hard to be certain because my symptoms can come and go. I’m a biker & a hiker and I’m doing neither as well as I did before I started this. I am feeling dizzy; almost like an outer body experience. I’ve had two days of serious diarrhea and stomach cramps. And loose bowels the whole time. I miss my good BM’s! I’ve never had problems sleeping and this hasn’t changed that gift. I just hate feeling so lethargic. I’m also having cold sore outbreaks given the high arginine content in some of the foods. � what to do...

  • #68

    Emma (Tuesday, 20 November 2018 04:49)

    I am beyond relieved to have found this blog and thread. I just finished the Whole30. I followed it to a T hoping to find relief from my IBS, acid reflux, bloating, and weight gain. I'm very active, run 6 days a week and do strength training and yoga. I eat very healthy already but hoped eliminating certain foods would help my IBS and help me recognize my trigger foods for my GI issues.
    The entire time I did the W30 I felt the exact same I do every day. I never saw relief in my GI symptoms, was bloated every day, and no positive benefits came out of it. I was lethargic, couldn't sleep well, was moody, my hair even fell out a lot the first 2 weeks, and my cycle was disrupted. I shaped on the scale on day 31 to find I had gained 5 lbs and 2% body fat.
    I was so angry and annoyed that I went a month not eating foods that are good for me (e.g., quiona, oats, brown rice, beans) for what? More weight and fat?
    I felt like I was alone in hat it wasn't this miracle diet that is supposed to change your life forever. I'm glad I'm not alone. Thank you all for sharing your experiences.

  • #69

    Raghad (Friday, 18 January 2019 05:01)

    Oh wow, i am on day 13 and i’v Been feeling terrible for few days now. I am nauseous and tired all the time i keep falling asleep even at work, everyone says i look drained and tired.. honestly the first week was amazing and to this day I don’t have any digestion issues no bloating no nothing except for the symptoms above, i kept telling myself it was something else i was doing but I stopped anything I thought might have something to do with my symptoms but nothing changed.. i think i am going to stop the whole30 but i do intend on reintroducing foods slowly i’ll start with rice and then oatmeal. And see where to go after.

  • #70

    Maria (Wednesday, 06 February 2019 13:58)

    I've started already the reintro stage at day 23. I did feel okay at one point, but been feeling awful in the last week, and all sort of inflammatory issues have flared up. My biggest issue is that in the last days everything makes me feel sick just to look at it. My energy has been super low, and I am a mother of small children, I just couldn't justify the price my family and me was paying at this point (not talking about money here). I am happy though to have cut out all the crap and sugar, and I'll try to be wise with how i reintroduce everything. Strangely my stomach is usually fine but has been off quite a few times during the whole30 (whole23 in my case), I haven't ate anything I don't normally it, just more of it I suppose

  • #71

    Mr.B (Thursday, 28 February 2019 17:22)

    I did the whole30 for 7 weeks, doc wanted me to do it for 90days. first 2 weeks were ok then it all went down hill from there. I'm fairly active and been dealing with inflammation for years , hence the diet, but to this day I regret it. After the 7th week I tried to introduce the foods again, well after 6 weeks of trying it, i'm still screwed. I have migraines everyday (never had them), acid reflux, dizziness, etc.... I never had these symptoms before... so all in all, before I go on a full out rant... I would avoid the Whole30 and just delete certain food groups as needed.Cutting everything out at once probably isn't a good idea (body shock)....

  • #72

    kateg (Tuesday, 05 March 2019 11:42)

    thanks for posting your honest comments - on day 23 and have had stomach cramps/bloating/wind for last ten days - it really hurts! stubbornness is carrying me through but don’t think i would recommend this diet to others - i don’t eat meat but have added some fish so it’s mainly veg and eggs, seeds and nuts. i’m a cyclist and gym nut and have been really fatigued during this - no tiger blood � nor the alertness/wired feeling i’ve had before on keto. funny how so many of us are so ridiculously stubborn!

  • #73

    Laurel (Saturday, 19 October 2019 18:31)

    This post helped me ALOT! I did the whole30 last year it was good? But didn't lose much weight so I decided to try again! I finished the whole30 a second time and I was feeling sick. Headaches almost constant. And not feeling well at all. So I switched to a paleo diet...food combining. But I stopped being rigid and now I feel great! This really helped because I thought something was very wrong. Just changing my diet got me back to my self. Thank you so much! I will not do it again. REally thankful for your post and other's as well!

  • #74

    Annemarie (Tuesday, 07 January 2020 16:59)

    Thank you GOOGLE for showing me this thread!!! I’m only on day 7 and I’m ready to throw in the towel. Since day 3 I’ve been sick in bed because of this whole “detox” thing. Horrible nausea, diarrhea, beyond exhausted all the time- I’m literally the biggest space cadet out there right now because of how foggy my brain is. I did this diet because i wanted to lose some weight and get healthier because I’m a sugar addict. But let me tell you, this diet is killing me. I’m a picky eater and not much of a carnivore so all this meat is making me sick! I’m already allergic to eggs so that’s out. Basically every meal i have brussel sprouts and potatoes and i just cannot do it anymore!!!! Feeling super depressed and short tempered on it too. But now i don’t feel so “what’s wrong with me??” after reading this thread!!!

  • #75

    Becky (Thursday, 16 January 2020 12:57)

    Omg so glad I found this! I'm on day 16. I am chubby and not active so wanted to reset myself and lose weight. I have been so grumpy and emotional for two weeks a barely like myself. I snap at everyone and everything. Even inanimate objects are getting my wrath.
    I'm perpetually cold. I'm layering clothing at 3 to 4 layers and still shivering.
    I cant remember the last time I ate something that actually tasted good. I'm bloated, gassy, constantly on the cusp of tears, so exhausted all i want to do is sleep. Who knew Carbs kept me safe, warm, and stable?!

    I'll finish cause I'm stubborn but thank you all! I dont feel so alone

  • #76

    Christina (Sunday, 26 January 2020 18:00)

    So glad to have found this. I’m only on day 12 and I don’t feel tired or anything like that but I have had the worse stomach pain of my entire life. I’m not sure I can keep doing this.

  • #77

    Dyan (Monday, 20 April 2020 18:17)

    It’s April 2020 & so glad I came across this site. My adrenals & nervous system have been on over-drive & so exhausted & hyper since I’ve been on WHOLE30. I have moments where I feel I’m going to collapse in a pool of sweat! I kept myself hydrated so it wasn’t that. It’s Day 11 for me and I decided to go off. Any kind of detox is hard on adrenals, especially if you’re in menopause. I found this elimination plan interesting, so I thought I’d give it a try, for a lot of it is already ME. I don’t eat grains, not much dairy or legumes (except peas), I rarely drink alcohol or eat high sugar fruits & I love potatoes, so it sounded doable, but unfortunately I also have a horrible sugar tooth & 3 months before I began WHOLE30 I was traveling a lot & I was eating a lot of sugary foods. So I think for me, my adrenals & nervous system couldn’t handle going cold turkey with detoxing this sugar. I’m OFF, but I will continue my clean diet, bc I’m pretty much an Intuitive Eater, and I listen to my body and it said to get off! However, like others on this site I also think this program is a super quick way to get in touch with what your body’s needs are and that can be helpful if you’d like to start practicing Intuitive Eating. For I. E. is all about listening & tuning into your body’s needs and wants and this WHOLE30 can help get you to that place fast. I like the WHOLE30 program & the concept of it. I like the daily coaching texts I get from Mellisa (the owner) & how this plan supports you to be more mindful & tune into YOU! The detox may not have been for me, but I like everything else about the program.

  • #78

    MacKenzie (Friday, 05 June 2020 10:07)

    HELP -- I did Whole30 a few years ago...for 40 days and now I've had bad digestive issues ever since then. I can't have dairy without having digestive issues and I can't have sugar without headaches and bloating. Any advice at all??

  • #79

    mr.B (Tuesday, 23 June 2020 12:41)

    Figured I'd post a year update. Well, due to that whole30 diet, my magnesium levels dropped which then affected my stomach acid and LES/GERD. I ended up giving myself Barrets Esphogus due to it (scoped about 8 months later). Hence the symptoms I was having about 3-4 weeks into the diet. Had my throat scoped and new doc told me to never do diets again. Been on magnesium Glycinate and have to avoid certain foods (citrus/dairy) now to let the LES heal up. Muscle fatigue also came into play from the low magnesium which then turned into a few strained muscles due to my job. Basically I screwed myself up even more by going on that diet.

  • #80

    kizzle (Thursday, 25 June 2020 11:20)

    I think you probably weren't eating enough... I had to up my food intake up more than usual to get calories out of whole30 type meals. I run 30+ miles a week plus gym sessions. I was already a healthy eater/athletic before starting it and needed way more starch for energy in my diet. My runs and workouts suffered before adding more carbs in.

  • #81

    kizzle (Thursday, 25 June 2020 11:24)

    Me again...and just saw this post...

    "I am on day 18 and I am struggling! I too workout a lot, I run 4 times a week (average 15 miles)and do weights normally 4-5 times a week, plus other cardio, and I’m flat out exhausted, I’m hungry, and I’m 99% sure I’ve gained weight. I had to up my carbs because I was barely functioning and found myself randomly weeping over absolutely nothing. I plan on finishing it, but not sure I’ll do it again. We already also ate pretty Paleo, I just like my coffee with half & half, and my glass of wine. Other than that I eat very healthy, I just wanted to show myself I could be disciplined too."

    YES... same here... we already basically ate paleo with the exception of maybe a few beers on the weekend or some sushi.

    Like you, I also run a lot and hit the gym 4-5 sessions a week. I had to adjust and add quite a bit more carbs in for my training vs. typical whole 30/don't count calories regimen.

    This has been a good discipline thing for me and I'll just go back to a healthier version of Paleo once done.

  • #82

    Robert (Friday, 24 July 2020 02:13)

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  • #83

    Rachel (Tuesday, 10 November 2020 00:37)

    Me too.

    I have eaten Whole30-ish for a while now. I have known for a while that dairy really bothers me. Then I saw an applied kinesiology practitioner and they said my body said I should also avoid wheat, gluten, sugar, soy, corn, and peanuts. So, I avoid them normally, but sometimes I have some. Honestly, I haven't noticed a difference with anything except the dairy, but I'm sure avoiding sugar is very helpful for my body too.

    Personally, I use the healthy whole30 oils, do organic grains to avoid glyphosate, usually do gluten free, do some of the whole30 veggie-for-grain swaps (like zucchini noodles and cauliflower rice) as a way to eat more vegetables. I rarely eat beans, avoid non fermented soy (basically, I occasionally have tamari or miso). I put monkfruit and nutpods in my coffee, and I don't drink alcohol at all (triggers my asthma). I usually cook from scratch, read labels, avoid nitrates and carrageenan. Things like this. I've been doing it for a few years, and I feel great.

    There was a month where I even did a low carb diet. It was rough at first, felt hungry, had sugar and starch cravings, but then my body switched over and I didn't have cravings and started feeling full from fiber rather than starch. I lost some extra pounds.

    The whole30 was not like that. I was eating approved starches, plus fat, to try to curb those cravings, but it didn't work.
    I made it 28 days before I said, screw this, why am I even doing this anymore? I was getting depressed and irritable, my back was breaking out with some painful acne, I was craving sweets and junk (not normal for me), and I was just so done.
    So I had some potato chips, 2 pieces of Halloween candy, and teriyaki chicken with rice. It was amazing, and I feel better now. (And, I didn't lose any weight on the Whole30 either.)

    Screw the Whole30.
    My main meals are usually compliant or very close, as it's been for years, but I snack on organic granola bars, and sometimes cook with tamari and honey and maple and wine.

    One thing I did really learn from this diet, however, is HOW many things have sugar in them. I knew it was snuck into many things, but I wasn't religious about avoiding it, I just tried to choose things I felt were pretty low in added sugars. But, now I'm motivated to try to avoid it on principle, but I'm not going to be rigidly strict. I also have some go-to brands now. (Try finding pickles without preservatives and dyes. The regular ones are technically Whole30 compliant, but still so bad for you. I found a brand Grillo's, that doesn't have any extra junk in it! And primal kitchen dairy free salad dressings with healthy oils? Yes!)

  • #84

    deniz (Sunday, 22 November 2020 23:17)

    thanks for sharing

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    deniz (Sunday, 22 November 2020 23:21)


  • #86

    Rebecca (Friday, 08 January 2021 19:43)

    Thank you for writing this. I am on Day 26 and I started crying in the produce section of the grocery store this afternoon. I just couldn't do any this anymore. Not because I don't have willpower. I absolutely do. 4.5 years ago, I did a Whole45. And my husband is doing Whole30 with me and has even more willpower. If it was just the monotony of the food and the dealing with pretty significant restrictions, I would be sticking it through.

    But the toll on my body was getting worse every single day. There was no "tiger blood" for me. My sleep was getting worse and worse every single day (and I have not had sleeping problems in years). The headaches every morning affected my focus. The increase of my chronic pain, including episodes of excruciating pain in the middle of the night or first thing waking up was getting unbearable. My digestive issues seemed worse every day. And the toll it was taking on my mental health is beyond anything I can describe.

    So I am done. Whole30 was supposed to make me better. And it's hard to believe that if every day gets worse than the one before and I have made it through 26 days, that the final four days are really going to make a difference for me. So I am done and I really appreciate your post. It has affirmed that it is okay to quit. Whole30 has some great concepts. And ever since I did the Whole45 4.5 years ago, I have carried many of those great concepts with me. But Whole30 didn't work for me this time and it will not work for everyone in every stage of their life. Every body is different.

    Thank you for this post.

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    Deb (Monday, 01 February 2021 14:23)

    Thank goodness I found this page. I am on day 29 and have autoimmune thinking that this will be my saving grace. I have gone through the exact same steps that you have mentioned with the contractions and cut in back pain to the point I’m going to the doctor today because I’m very nervous about it. I have done low-carb before and have felt fantastic but this did not bring anything but more joint pain and Anxiety. Thank you very much for the information although I think whole 30 is great for some people it’s not a one stop shop for everyone. I will take away from what I’ve learned in regards to control and what is good for my body and what isn’t. I have to say when I was reading your paragraph I was blown away because honestly I have gone through the exact same symptoms as you did starting from week 2 and on. I kept saying to myself OK give it another week maybe you’ll start getting that turn around I had it for about two days and then I hit a wall and I’m constantly falling asleep the most fatigue I’ve ever had. I was worried that this was going to onset a bad flareup for me I hope that is not the case.

  • #88

    J-Man (Monday, 08 February 2021 18:55)

    More of the same. I'm not an awesome consumer of foods, but I tend to eat the right things, just with no portion control. I had big plans of getting back into an exercise routine since bringing a baby into the household sort of threw routine out the door. I can barely focus on any activity for more than a few hours a day before I sort of zone out and drift from spontaneous thought to spontaneous thought while forgetting what I was doing 3-4 times with every thought along the way.

    I got bloodwork back that showed I had sensitivity to a high variety of foods, but beef was the only reasonable meat I could have and eggs were also out of the equation. I basically have eaten ground beef and white fish with vegetables, seeds, dried fruits, nuts, avocados and sunflower seed butter.

    I'm at the end of my second full week on top of my "casual" week before that sort of easing in. I have gained nothing. I am down a whopping 1 pound and I have borderline nothing to show for it. The first couple of days were wonderful as we stripped a lot of gluten, wheat and dairy out of the mix which are big stomach turners for me, but now that I'm 2-3 weeks in and eating 1,000% more beef than ever (used to have it once or twice a month, now it's two to three times a day).

    Sorry new doctor with ambitious plans. I am calling it. I'd rather just start exercising and counting calories again. I felt in WAY better condition, regardless of what I ate. This is just stupid, mindless, helpless restrictions with no foreseeable benefit. I'm happy to restrict junk out of my set up, but I'm going to eat a normal diet again thank you.