Personal Training Services

Moirai Health and Fitness strives to go above and beyond to dedicate time and effort to each client, creating a unique and individualized training plan, adapting along with the client in order to inspire success in each person while guiding each individual on their journey to living a happy, healthier and well balanced lifestyle. Moirai health and fitness makes reaching your goals possible. 

What interests you?

We offer personal training services, surfset fitness sessions and private surfset parties throughout the Chicagoland area, as well as custom online training for people near and far. 


Specialties include, but are not limited to:
Weightloss / functional training / circuit training / pre-post natal / strength and conditioning / athletic performance / Obstacle course race training / corrective exercise / resistance training / cardiovascular endurance / nutrition guidance / HIIT / Tabata / TRX / Kettlebell / surfset fitness / 



"Live a balanced healthy lifestyle to feel good, be healthy and prolong your life.  Weightloss, a fit physique and increased confidence will come as a result, but should not be the only focus. Working out and eating healthy PREVENTS you from multiple illnesses and diseases and keeps you healthy as you age. You only live once, LIVE IT WELL." - Owner, Kimberly Trefilek