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Moirai Consultation & Movement Screen:

This initial complimentary session entails a body fat measurement, basic fundamental movement screen and a health and fitness questionnaire. This allows me to see your fitness capabilities in order to make the right recommendations fit just for you!  The consultation and movement screen is a chance for me to get to know you, as well as a chance for you to decide if I am the right fit as your trainer. Every prospect gets this service in order to determine recommendations. 

Moirai's Programs

Moirai health and fitness will guide you on the right path to succesfully reach your health and fitness goals! Each program is specialized to fit every person's unique needs. Even if you've never worked out a day in your life, Moirai Health and Fitness will be with you from beginning to end helping you progress at your own pace to make sure you succeed.


Train on-on-one or grab a friend for a DISCOUNTED rate with buddy and small group training.  Same benefits of a trainer with double the fun and motivation!


We offer in-home and in-studio training for all of the programs. 

Personal Training

One-on-one personalized training program.  


Personalized Training Includes:  Gas & studio fee. Nutrition guidelines. Nutrition log book. Workout Schedule and workout homework. 24 hour support. Body fat measurements & weigh-ins.

Buddy Training

Personalized training program for 2 people. 

Small Group Training

Personalized training program for 3+ people.

Moirai X Team Training

Moirai X is obstacle course race team training to get you fit for your next race! Don't just complete the course, dominate the course! The Moirai X team will train together to improve each other's ability to beat your time every race.  Become a stronger, better, faster you with Moirai X!

Moirai Surfset Chicago

Fun-filled classes to take your workout to the next level and start seeing results while enjoying the fun experience of surfing style fitness! Visit Moirai Surfset Chicago tab for more information on classes & schedules!

Nutritional Counseling

Helping you make the right nutritional choices and eliminating bad eating habits by educating you on proper nutrition.  Meal plans available.

Moirai Online Coaching Program

Life coach is a take home packet filled with personalized nutrition guidelines, workouts and fitness advice. Take it home, do it on your own! Bi-monthly check-ins. Perfect for people who want the benefits of training with Moirai Health and Fitness, but don't live nearby.

Travel Training

Traveling to Chicago and don't want to miss a workout?  Moirai travels too.  Get training in or near your hotel. No contract required, session by session payments. 

Skype Training

Want to be a part of the Moirai life, but don't live in the area? Now Moirai health and Fitness can come to you.  Everything from a trainer in the comfort of your own home.  A more economical way to acheive your health and fitness goals!

Specialty Training Programs

Moirai health and Fitness specializes a variety of training styles to fit everyone's needs.  Including, but not limited to these specialties:


Fight Training: Boxing / Muay Thai & Kickboxing specific program


Functional Training


Pre/Post Natal Specialized Training


Boot Camps


Strength Training


Powerplate Training




Sports Strength and Conditioning


Military Bootcamp Preparation




TRX Training


Kettlebell Training


Endurance Training


Obstacle Course Race Training 


Surfset Fitness Training


and much, much more!!!

Studio Location 1:

MyBody Complex

Studio Location 2:

Riverwest Fitness Studio

Studio Location 3:

Crosstown Fitness

Studio Location 4:

Hifi Fitness